Health Resources for Crusader Parents and Students

Brother Martin’s Guidance Department has established a new online section of resources for our students, parents, faculty and staff to access throughout the year. As school counselors, we want provide students, parents, and faculty/ staff with tools to assist and support them with any challenge they may face.

A link of Resources will be available on our website with additional weekly resources updated as needed. Please always remember it is a strength to ask for help, and the Brother Martin community is a great place to be. If you have any questions or would like to talk to any of our school counselors, please email them at

This week’s topics will focus on adjusting to a new environment and managing responsibilities. See the links below with listed resources for each of the topics divided up for parents and students.  

Adjusting to a New Environment (Parents)

Adjusting to a New Environment (Students)

Managing Responsibilities (Parents)

Managing Responsibilities (Students)

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