Fishermen Reel 'Em in at the 2018 Fishing Rodeo!

IMG_8779Brother Martin High School held its annual Fishing Rodeo on Saturday, June 2, 2018. It was a beautiful day for the gathering of alumni, families, and friends of Brother Martin as participants competed for various titles in 15 categories.

The Captain’s Party held at Sportsbeat Pub & Cafe in Metairie kicked off the annual Rodeo earlier in the week. Fishermen and guests were able to register while they enjoyed complimentary food, beverages, and fishing tips. Participants were also able to pick up their complementary ditty bags and t-shirts from Director of Alumni Scott Corrente ’83 and Brother Martin staff.

Following the Captain’s Party, participants launched their boats in the Louisiana waterways to catch some fish! During the rodeo, Rob Hymel and Jay Hotard ’82 entertained the crowd with music as Eddie Gonzales ’77 served as the emcee.  There were also games for the smallest of fishermen such as a parent-child balloon toss and fish tosses. The Class of ’73 Culinary Squad provided a delicious cuisine of fried fish, hush puppies, sno-balls, and more. Team McCrossen, a four-time winner, took home the trophy for the Largest Two Redfish 27′ & under. This was a new record for the team for they also had 13 spots on their redfish!

Adding to the event, the Brother Martin Cheerleaders walked around selling tickets for a 50/50 raffle of over $500, a “Big Board Raffle,” and a Parade of Prizes consisting of restaurant gift cards, Brother Martin metal art, a Brother Martin pirogue, and much more. The Brother Martin Fishing Club, along with club moderators Glen Fallon and David Jouandot ’03also attended the rodeo. Brother Martin staff, Scott Corrente ‘83 and Director of Development Kenny Spellman ’84, along with a team of volunteers ensured a successful event.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, staff, and attendees for supporting the event! Please click here for a list of sponsors and donors! 

IMG_88972018 Fishing Rodeo Committee:
Chris Alley ’08, Johnny Blue ’86, Mike Buisson ’57 SA, Jimmy Casadaban ’79, Mike Cascio ’96, Boopie Courrege ’56 SA, Patrick Cresson ’00, Pete Dares ’56 SA, Gary Delahoussaye ’74, 
Drew Dodd, Dave Glaviano ’73, Eddie Gonzales ’77, Jay Hotard ’82, Rob Hymel, David Jouandot ’03, David Klein ’90, Jimmy LaCava ’55 SA, Jay Louvier ’55 SA, Nick Macaluso ’85, Emile Meydrich, Dave Pecot ’76, Billy Power ’57 SA, Dave Schmidt ’76, Jerry Schmidt ’81, Todd Schwander ’93, Steven Spiers ’84, Chuck Stall ’76, Billy Thiele ’78, T.J. Thiel, and Guy Valvis ’73.

For further information about alumni events, please contact the Brother Martin Alumni Office at 504-284-6700 or

CategoryFirst PlaceWt.Second PlaceWt. Third PlaceWt. 
FlounderSam McCarroll1.90
RedfishTeam Yamp28.10Kevin Devine Gone Fishin26.45Team Candyman20.30
Speckled TroutTeam Candyman6.10 Team Candyman5.65Phinns & Pheathers4.55
SheepsheadTeam McCrossen6.80Team McCrossen6.40Outfront Media5.60
Black DrumTeam Paradise29.15Chad Bonnet ’1927.20Daniel Meyers26.20
Largest 5-Trout StringerTeam Candyman23.35Team McCrossen19.35Team Finatic 18.50
Most Spots on RedfishTeam McCrossen13 spotsOutfront Media12 spotsTeam Scales & Ales12 spots
Largest Two Redfish 27′ & underTeam McCrossen18.45
(New Record)
Team Snag15.90Team Candyman14.80
Largest fish by .lbs (Non- Gar)Team Paradise29.15Team Yamp28.10Chad Bonnet ’1927.20
Smallest Legal 5-Trout StringerLane Riggon3.05 Tilted Trout 3.40Neaux Limits4.00
Largest fish by BM Student (Non-Gar)Chad Bonnet ’1927.20Daniel Meyers ’1926.20Dylan Nicolosi ’1923.40
Father/Daughter Largest FishPhinns & Pheathers19.45    
Red SnapperHalibuts16.85Tony Lama, Jr. ’97 16.20 Team McCrossen16.05
Largest GarSam McCarroll- Keeping it Reel84.30 (New Record)    
Largest BassConnor Linn ’202.75Lane Boudreaux ’192.00Team McCrossen2.00