First Sunday of Advent Reflection: Hope

First Sunday of Advent Reflection written by junior Spencer Tillman. 

DSC06543Hope is an interesting word to reflect on for the first week of Advent. When I think of the word “Hope,” what comes to mind is family. Family is what has kept me going for all of my 16 years. My mom and dad have showed me the ways and the “in’s and out’s” of life. They kept me hopeful and showed me how working hard with determination will get me where I need to be in life.

When I have gone through tough times, they have been there to love me regardless of what is going on. They are the reason I keep going and the reason why I keep a smile on my face. I do what I need to because I want to make them happy, as they have kept me hopeful all of these years.

Brother Martin is a place which allows me to embrace the idea of hope. This school has taught and prepared me for the next stage in my life. This is so I can be hopeful for what is next to come in my life.  Lastly, Brother Martin always has me hopeful and has kept my faith as strong as ever knowing that God will always be there for us. As we start this Advent season we are all hopeful for the coming Messiah.

– Spencer Tillman ’19