Dionysians (Drama Club)

The Dionysians, or Drama Club, produce up to three major productions each year.

In addition, they also organize and perform in an evening of arts fundraiser, "Music for the Missions," to support the Brothers of the Sacred Heart's missionary work around the world. Members contribute their talents and are able to experience all areas of theater production from lighting to publicity. Membership is open to all students. Crusaders and high school girls can audition for all Dionysian productions. (An extracurricular letter may be earned.)

For further information, please contact us via email at dionysians@brothermartin.com.

2017-2018 Officers:
President – Cody Elsensohn
Vice President – Noah Catalanotto
Secretary – Nicholas Russo
Technical Director – Matthew Tate

Mr. David Rex Joyner, MFA, M.Ed.
Mr. Ryan Nocito’06, MTS
Ms. Katie Peck (NF)