Crusader Bands

Band is a full-credit elective course that meets daily. Students may be placed in either beginning, intermediate, or advanced band.

The advanced band class consists of Marching Band and Concert Band. It is open to students with well-developed musical skills.  Intermediate Band consists of the Intermediate Class and the Symphonic Band.

The Marching Band and the Concert Band perform at numerous school and civic events and compete in the annual L.M.E.A. Concert and Marching Assessments.

Membership in the Marching BandConcert Band, or Symphonic Band is limited to students taking the classes. (An extracurricular letter may be earned).

The Pep Band performs at Basketball Games during the early spring!  Students may earn a Letter for Pep Band if serving three years.  This group has a great time and helps lift the spirit of the Conlin Crazies at all games.

The Stage Band is an extracurricular band open to all Brother Martin students. In addition to playing at Brother Martin events, the Stage Band also books events open to the general public. Students can also earn a Letter for Stage Band after three years of participation.

Mr. Dominick Caronna '85 - Band Director
Mr. Chris Bailey '86 - Assistant Band Director

Drum Major - Alexander Phillips '20
Drum Captain - Jackson Barousse '20
Brass Captain - Jackson Quintana '20
Woodwind Captain - Benjamin Hebert '20
Lieutenant - Jude McCaskell '20
Lieutenant - Cody Smith '20
Lieutenant - Michael Cancienne '20
Lieutenant - Cory McGehee '20
1st Sergeant - Johnny Breaud '20
Staff Sergeant - Andrew Choina '20
Staff Sergeant - Charlie Blanchard '20
Staff Sergeant - Dominick Baroni '20
Staff Sergeant - Riku Okawauchi '20
Sergeant - Seth Matthews '20
Sergeant - Logan Waguespack '20
Sergeant - Raymond Harney '20
Sergeant - Danny Ineich '20
Sergeant - Zachary Gonsoulin '20
Sergeant - Cory Mayley '20

Section Leaders:
Snare - Marshall Webre '21
Quads - Jackson Barousse '20
Bass Drums - Jude McCaskell '20
Trombones - Jackson Quintana '20
Baritones - Nicolas Milano '21
Tubas - Charlie Blanchard '20
Trumpets - Michael Cancienne '20 and Johnny Breaud '20
Mellophones - Cody Smith '20
Flutes - Michael Lacourrege '21
Clarinets - Michael Berrigan '21
Alto Saxes - Benjamin Hebert '20
Tenor Saxes - Anthony DiLorenzo '21