Crusaders Learn About Creole Culture

DSC08330As the school year comes to a close, Mrs. Amy Peavey’s World Geography Honors 8th graders turned their attention from other countries to the world’s influences on New Orleans and its effects on Louisiana history. The students were also able to experience the newly-relocated Library as they did close-readings and discussed the development of the term “Creole” from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries.

With the guidance of the librarians, Mrs. Keiren Aucoin and Ms. Lauren Rhodes, teams of students worked on their visual literacy skills by examining two photographs depicting Creole architecture, one from New Orleans and the second from another country influenced by West African and European settlers. Looking at the composition of the photosets, the students considered the use of color, decorative elements, and the physical construction of buildings and locations. Utilizing what they have learned throughout the year, the students were able to make a personal connection to geography and emerged with a new appreciation for their city and state.

World Geography - Library Class