Crusaders Ace Falcons

Yesterday afternoon, the Brother Martin Tennis team was up against Ben Franklin High School.  The Crusaders defeated the Falcons 7-0.  The following student athletes helped seal the victory for the Crusaders:

1. Ciaccio (BM) d. Bischof (BF) 8-5

2. Tucker (BM) d. Nguyen (BF) 8-5

3. Duong (BM) d. Rydberg (BF) 8-0

4. Kittell (BM) d. Wang (BF) 8-0

1. Crespo/Berrigan (BM) d. Bischof/Nguyen (BF) 8-2

2. Mayes/Duong (BM) d. Popovic/Smith (BF) 8-0

3. Ciaccio/Kittell (BM) d. forfeit 8-0

The tennis teams next match is Thursday at UNO against St. Augustine.  Matches are set to start at 4:00 pm.  Congratulations Crusaders!

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