Crusader Rugby Cruises to 2nd Win

The Crusader Rugby team crushed outmanned South Mississippi 75-5 on Saturday at the City Park Rugby Field. The Crusaders started off fast scoring in the first 1 minute and a half and never looked back . The Crusader ruggers used their offensive pattern to spread the ball across the field and find overloads throughout the game. The defense was stout except for one lapse.

Scoring for the Crusaders were Alec Miller ( 1 try, 3 penalty kicks and 6 conversions), Felix Bopp ( 2 tries) ,one try each Joe Caravella, Ryan Baldassoaro, Jonathan Briseno, Bruce Cuccia, Zachary Keller, Conner Glannon and John Michael Domingo.  In all, the Crusaders scored 10 tries.

The Crusader B-side beat the Jesuit B-side 22-14 in closely fought game. Scoring for the B-side were Felix Bopp, Joe Caravella, Sinesio Canseco who scored a try and a conversion,

The Crusaders play next Saturday against Shaw in Gretna while the Crusader B -side faces Rummel following the A-side game.

A-Side v. Miss
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B-Side v. Jesuit
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