Crusader Mathletes: Mu Alpha Theta Excels at Baton Rouge Tournament

This past weekend, the Crusader Mathletes competed in the Baton Rouge High Tournament against approximately 150 students from 18 different high schools from across the state.
Of the 11 MA0 members who attended, 3 of them earned recognition for their performance;

Algebra 2 Individual Test - Evan Walker '21 1st Place

Adv. Math Individual Test - Scott Hew '20 Honorable Mention

Calculus A Team Test - Kohl Morris '19 3rd Place

Special congratulations need to go to Kohl Morris for his performance on the Calculus A Team Test.  Competing against teams of 4 Calculus students, Kohl, by himself, was able to walk away with a 3rd Place Trophy.
In most BMHS Math classes, including Mr. McClain's Calculus class, Bonus points are awarded for competing in Mu Alpha Theta Tournaments and extra points are earned if a student earns recognition at the tournament.
Senior MA0 member, Will Oertling, "I am literally boiling with anger [at myself] that I didn't go to this past Mu Alpha Theta Tournament.  I likely could've helped our Calculus Team get into 2nd or even 1st Place had I been there.  At the very least, I could've ridden Kohl's coattails to some Bonus Points."
The Crusader Mathletes have their next meeting after school in Room 301 on Wednesday, February 6th and their next competition will be at the Haynes Mu Alpha Theta Tournament on February 16th.

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