Crusader Correspondents: Chess Club Review

The Brother Martin Chess Club offers students an opportunity for both competitive and intimate gameplay. Each member has his own unique playing style, resulting in intricate variations of moves and thrilling matches between the best of the best. Some members also participate just to enjoy the companionship of their fellow Crusaders in an atmosphere where players are welcomed rather than shamed for performing poorly in matches. Those who wish to improve in the game are guided by the club moderator, Mr. Merritt, along with other experienced members who are always willing to give tips and advice. Members are given the opportunity to show off improvements through tournaments at Brother Martin as well as other schools.

In a chess match, two players face off one on one with an assortment of pieces. Each player has a turn to strategize and execute a move in an attempt to eliminate their opponent’s king, the central piece in the game. Depending on how the pieces are positioned, players may

find themselves either dominating in material or suffering devastating blows. Through chess, members learn how different methods of gameplay affect the outcome of the match and develop their minds through critical thinking and clever manipulation of the pieces.

Whether you desire to challenge your skill or are new to the game, the Brother Martin Chess Club invites all students to engage in this entertaining environment.

Article written by Crusader Correspondent,
Michael Zuppardo ‘21

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