Crimson & Gold Network Feature: Gallo Mechanical, LLC

Gallo Mechanical, LLC, established in 1945, began as a plumbing company. After WWII, housing was a major contributor to a construction boom in the New Orleans area, and the partners engaged in plumbing work for the emerging residential housing developments. Since that time Gallo Mechanical has exploded into one of the largest industrial service companies in New Orleans. 

“From our humble beginnings in 1945 to our large, complex projects of today, we’ve embraced the ideals of family, innovation and superior performance in everything we do. We’re a company built on hard work and dedication to our craft with a focus on our clients and our people. We like to think our story is worth sharing. Please take a look at the timeline below to see where we started and where we are going.” (via

Gallo Mechanical currently employs sixteen Crusader alumni.

Top Row (Left to Right): Joseph Madron ’80,  Nick Evola ’14, Wesley Smith ’12, Joshua Ponthieux ’99, Douglas Gallo ‘82, Stephen Gallo ‘88, David Gallo Jr. ‘09, Greg Lewis ‘80, Bryan Gallo ‘90, David Gallo ‘77 - CEO and Josh Radovich ‘06

Bottom Row (Left to Right): August Gallo Jr. ‘53, Keith Deshautreaux ‘09, August Gallo III ‘05, Tyler Broussard ‘09

*not pictured: Kirk Gagliano ‘98 

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