Congratulations to NCEA President’s Award Winner, Mr. Gregory Rando!

The esteemed President of Brother Martin High School, Mr. Gregory Rando, was recently named an NCEA President's Award recipient...

National Catholic Educational Association 2022
President’s Award

"Msgr. John F. Meyers Award: This award is presented to an individual who has provided substantial support for Catholic education through contributions in the areas of development, public relations, scholarship programs, financial management, or government relations.

Greg Rando ‘77, President of Brother Martin High School, has spent over 35 years as a teacher and administrator while “educating young men for life.” Prior to serving as President, he was Principal from 2006-2017. An alumnus himself--the first ever to lead the school as President-- Rando has made it his personal goal to increase scholarship endowments and planned giving so that the Brother Martin education can be affordable to ALL families through generous financial need and academic merit scholarship programs.

Since his appointment, Rando initiated innovative programs that have propelled Brother Martin to even greater mission success, including advances both inside and outside the classroom. He has led the restructuring of the curriculum and extracurricular programs to help to form young men to be leaders in the community as students and alumni. In addition, he was instrumental in helping to oversee a capital campaign improving the school’s facilities for increasing enrollment while “meeting the needs of a changing world.” Rando is poised to lead the school through a strategic planning process that will design improvements and secure financial stability for the future.

Throughout COVID-19 and during other trying times, Rando has continued to lead while modeling adaptation, proving that with challenges there can be great success. Rando has always placed a strong emphasis on the formation of the faculty and staff in the traditions and spirit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, while maintaining the charism of our founder, Father Andre Coindre.  He embodies a prime characteristic of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, the religious institution that has been governing the school and its predecessors for the last 153 years: fidelity through change."

All of us at Brother Martin High School are tremendously grateful to and thankful for Mr. Rando as he serves as an integral Partner in Mission in forming our young men for life. Congratulations, Mr. Rando, for being awarded this well-deserved honor!

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