Cheerleaders Celebrate the Year at Convocation

DSC_0032cheerAt a time when we remember the perseverance of St. Patrick and honor the “job well done” of St. Joseph, the step-father of Jesus, Brother Martin High School took time out to celebrate the perseverance and “job well done” of another group.  The members of the 2015-2016 Brother Martin Cheerleaders gathered in the Bro. Mark Thornton Terrace on Monday evening to review the year, award outstanding cheerleaders, and enjoy the community spirit that was built throughout the year. Coaches Jessica Spitale Fresina and Wesley Smith ‘12 spoke and handed out the awards for this talented and “spirited” group of athletes.  The program ended with a video recap of the year with a special tribute to everybody’s favorite part of the night…refreshments!

Thanks to all the parents who generously provided refreshments. In addition, a special thanks to Janine and Nick Macaluso ’85 for preparing a video and to Craig Singletary for making copies for each cheerleader commemorating the year.