“Brother Martin’s Clayton Lonardo battle-tested…” Nola.com Feature

Photo Courtesy of SVP Media Group, LLC

One of our seniors, Clayton Lonardo, was featured in a nola.com article highlighting his football career at Brother Martin:

"Clayton Lonardo showed early in his high school career that he can take a beating and get back up.

The Brother Martin senior was a freshman when he came into the game for interior run plays as a quarterback, commonly wedging his body between linemen on short-yardage situations in search of a first down.

He later played on special teams, standing midway between the deep snapper and punter so he might take the full brunt of what the opposing defense sent his way.

“You got to stand your ground,” Lonardo said about facing players who were bigger than he was at the time.

This season, Lonardo will get more attention from those opposing defenders when he opens the season as the starting quarterback."

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