Brother Martin Hosts Sugar Bowl Cheerleaders

DSC_0098While the city of New Orleans was filled to capacity with Sugar Bowl fans and activities, Brother Martin High School was up to the rafters (literally) in cheerleaders! The Crusader Cheerleaders hosted the Alabama and Ohio cheerleaders for two evenings in the Conlin Gym.

Cheer coaches Brian from Alabama and Ben from Ohio State would agree, post season bowl games are great. However, with the College National Cheer competition just around the corner, both teams were hoping to fit in practice of their routines, the intense stunts and timing that make them so worthy of a national competition. Coach Jessica Spitale was able to coordinate a practice for both college teams right here in the Conlin Gym. Our Crusader Cheerleaders and the St. Catherine of Siena cheerleaders, with family and friends, were able to watch and be a part of the experience.

Each college team would run through key components of their routines and then take a break to allow the other team to show their talent. In the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, these teams were fierce competitors…but for two nights here at Brother Martin, both teams were just cheerleaders, cheering on one another, creating an experience that will long be remembered!