Brother Martin Hosts 2023 Dionysians Banquet and Award Ceremony

On the evening of Thursday, May 18, the Tom and Gayle Benson Mall was host to the annual Dionysians Banquet and Award Ceremony.  The evening began with dinner and was followed by the show of accomplishments and achievements. Touted as The Joyner Awards (named after former moderator, Mr. David Joyner),  the current moderators, Mr. Ryan Nocito ‘06, Mr. David Browning ‘12, and Ms. Katie Peck gave recognition to several members of the Dionysian Troupe for matters both esteemed and comical, from "Quickest Costume Change" to "Best Wipe Out."

Additionally, the moderators presented performance and grade-level awards to the following:

Best Actor in a Play – Aden Airhart '24
Best Actress in a Play – Emmeline Meyer
Best Actor in a Musical – Daniel Erdozain '23
Best Actress in a Musical – Bella Carbo
Best Technician – Cecil Guidry

Best 8th grader – Toby Alfonso '27
Best 9th grader – Joshua Dinh '26
Best 10th grader – Scarlett Duhe'
Best 11th grader – Liam Turner '24
Best 12 grader – Daniel Erdozain '23

The most distinguished award, the Director's Award, was presented to the two outstanding members who have greatly contributed to the club through their positive leadership and in modeling the idea of “ensemble.” This year the Directors' Award went to Avery Gerosa ‘23 and Emmeline Meyer.

Finally, the Dionysians concluded the ceremony with the installment of next year’s officers. Leading the troupe next year will be:

Presidents – Liam Turner ‘24 & Abby Nastasi
Vice President – Scarlett Duhe'
Technical Director – Cecil Guidry '24
Secretary – Lily Adams

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