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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Resources
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Brother Martin Competes in St. Paul’s 2021 Mu Alpha Theta Tournament

Congratulations to the following students who participated in the St. Paul's Mu Alpha Theta Tournament this past weekend.

The tournament saw 317 students competing last Saturday. In a very tough Division I, the following Crusader Mathletes placed at the Tournament:

Individual Test:

Algebra 2

Dylan Rhoton (Honorable Mention)

Calculus AB

Logan Millet (Honorable Mention)

Landin Sanborn (2nd Place)


Team Test:

Algebra 1

Team of Caleb Patterson, Vincent Molina, and Mark Graffagnini (3rd Place)

Adv. Math

Team of Logan Coe, Christian Landry, Daniel Hartmann, and Tyler Gaubert (2nd Place)

Calculus AB

Team of Landin Sanborn, Brian Dufrene, Matthew Lindner, and Jake Williams (4th Place)


Team of Logan Millet, Anthony Wei, Giancarlo Lara, and Thomas Jackson (3rd Place)


Upper Interschool Test (1st Place!):

ALL 30 BMHS Mathletes who competed at the St. Paul's Tournament helped our team to earn 1st Place! This is a Test where the entire Team from each school competes, so this is a very impressive victory for the Crusader Mathletes! The Team includes everyone listed above AND the following:

Trent Jenning, Tyronne Burrell, Bryan MacDowell, Hunter Larose, Jared Smith, Matt Biehl, Sam Dinshaw, Sean Lagrange, Nick Cochran, Jay Childs, Andre Sun, Andrew Wei, Andrew Cooper, and Carson Landry.


The Mu Alpha Theta Club will continue to compete in the weekly Math Madness Challenge where the Crusader Mathletes advanced to the 2nd Round of the Tournament with strong performances last week from the following students:

Logan Millet (6 points)

Landin Sanborn (4 points)

Brian Dufrene (3 points)

Andrew Wei, Daniel Hartmann, Logan Coe, Preston Falgout, Matt Biehl, Kyle Borde, Adrian Lagarde, and Dylan Rhoton (2 points)


Great job, Crusader Mathletes!

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