Brother Martin also proudly partners with Tuition Deduction Credit (TDC) Programs

Brother Martin High School offers a number of ways to provide Need-Based Financial Assistance to qualified families.  And, the Brother Martin Student Fund continues to be one of the choice funds for donations, which has benefitted a significant number of our families.

Brother Martin also proudly partners with Tuition Deduction Credit (TDC) Programs, which offer non-private school families the opportunity to potentially afford a private school education if they qualify for Need-Based Financial Assistance.  (Click here to see a sample qualification chart.) There are tax credits available for anyone or any company who donates to one or more of these programs. When deciding to which program(s) to donate, please select Brother Martin High School, if possible, which may afford students an opportunity to attend Brother Martin.  With the end of the year quickly approaching, these programs may be an option to maximize tax credits. 

Perhaps now more than ever, families are in need of Need-Based Financial Assistance to provide their children with a quality education, and these programs may provide Brother Martin High School with the necessary support to offer admission to a deserving and qualified family who otherwise could not afford it. These programs give a number of our prospective families a better chance at providing an excellent Holistic Education.  Brother Martin's mission has always been to do everything possible not to deny a family a Brothers of the Sacred Heart education due to finances--your gift can help us to continue to honor that commitment.

To learn more about the TDC Program, then please click

For more information on the TDC Programs (ACE, Arete, Son of a Saint, and Aspiring Scholars), then please click the links below.

Of course, we ask that you always consider giving directly to Brother Martin High School.