Baseball Camp is a 'Home Run' for Campers

IMG_6411At the 2017 Brother Martin Baseball Camp, campers were ready to say “put me in, coach, I’m ready to play.”  Over the summer, campers, ranging from 6 -14 years old, grabbed their baseball gear and were ready to return to E.A. Farley Field along with members of the varsity baseball coaching staff and players.  This summer, campers were able to attend either one of the two weeks of camp offered. Under the direction of newly appointed varsity head baseball coach Jeffrey Lupo ’92, the campers learned about pitching and catching and even knowing when to switch up positions on the baseball diamond. The week ended with members of the varsity team teaching the campers hitting lessons. The campers could also ask any questions as they learned the proper mechanics of the game in order to be the best on the field.

We look forward to having new as well as former campers back at camp next summer!