A Special Thank You to God

DSC06151Fr. Paul Hart writes our Brother Martin community a special Thanksgiving reflection.

Thank God we can stop at this time of year to reflect on what we have in life and all of the gifts God has given. It is family, friends and the USA that we celebrate, not just on a special Thursday but, all year long.

As a Brother Martin family, we sometimes forget that we minister to one another and give peace and security in the good times and the bad. We simply love what we do because we love the people we serve. The little things that go unnoticed make a big difference.

Behind the scenes, people perform glorious acts of love that change circumstances and people’s lives. Hopefully, we will always appreciate our history, our country, our vocations, and the special people who get it done. We are proud to be Americans, Kingsmen and Crusaders. We are family united in God’s love.

Thank God for this moment in time with opportunity ahead.

God Bless you my dear friends! A Grateful Chaplain and 1970 Alumnus.

– Fr. Paul Hart ’70, Brother Martin Chaplain