Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Resources
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Resources
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A Message from Our Chaplain, Fr. Paul Hart ’70

Can you believe that all this is happening? I guess the answer is YES; we must believe that God is with us and understands what the world is going through. Despite the normal questions of: 

  • Why?
  • When will this end?
  • Will we be ok?

We are learning more through this pandemic than we realize. I miss everyone in ways that I couldn't imagine. I'd give 10 rolls of my finest toilet paper (not the cheap sandpaper stuff) to be back in the Benson Mall cutting up with the Seniors, faculty, and all of you. I'm at home by myself with no one to yell at for some relief. All I have is Prayer and potato chips. I am dying for some Thursday Gumbo, chicken tenders, or Meatballs in the Mall. Of course, I have comfort food, but I am trying to exercise so that I'll be able to fit in the Mall when we return. I am sure this will pass, but it is like having a kidney stone. Until it passes, it is painful. I believe we are really learning some things as suffering does teach us and will build character and strength. It seems simple, but it is difficult to understand because our minds are clouded with fear and uncertainty. We are developing a periphery with a new appreciation for the freedoms lost and gifts we take for granted.

  1. We have learned the art of Washing Hands, with Soap, for thirty seconds. This could be a first for some.
  2. Education must have Human Contact where sharing, interaction, and humor serve as a means for us to feel secure and accepted. A Simple handshake, pat on the back, or a "What's up" can lift us to a new level.
  3. Social Distancing is a ministry to another person to stay well. This is different from being anti-social which is a bad choice.
  4. For some of us, we are suffering in luxury. There were many times when tragedy engulfed communities and they did not have technology, remote learning, Netflix, cable, laptops, phones that inform us, or even electricity for AC and light. Veterans from Katrina, World Wars (Rationing for the war effort), the Depression and other calamities usually found out in time that life would return to some kind of normalcy. 
  5. We are reminded that God is in control and loves us very much. He is NOT punishing us and the World is NOT ending.

We are charged by Jesus to give to one another and WAIT, the toughest part of believing. We will get through this with a stronger will and a New Vision. We will be wiser and simply better. We will be a part of Brother Martin history that will teach others someday. People will look to us and be inspired by our resolve. We are Crusaders for life and we are proud of our family.

I was not the greatest student when I was at Brother Martin never thought I'd say this, but I miss school. I miss the PBJ contests, the debates about whether a Hot Dog is a sandwich, and even Dr. Melito's laugh. I miss ALL of you. I love ya'll and I am praying very hard for a Victory that will be bigger than any state championship. Go Saders! We will beat this!

 - Fr. Paul Hart ‘70, Chaplain


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