31 for 30: Crusaders Excel with ACT Scores

Congratulations to our 31 seniors who have received a 30 or above on their ACT standardized tests!

As anyone who has ever gone through the process of college application knows, standardized testing is one of the key components to an attractive portfolio, and a score of 30 or above puts our seniors in truly exclusive company.  Statistics show that a score of 30 or above put a senior in the running for the nation’s most selective and respected universities; in addition, such scores can cause merit-based scholarship offers to increase by as much as 95%.

Our Crusaders received these scores either through our school-wide testing in March 2018 or through another Saturday standardized testing day.  Over the years, our Brother Martin High School teachers have initiated a series of activities that complement our already rigorous college-prep curriculum to make sure our students are prepared for the test, both in terms of its content as well as its format.

Additionally, the Class of 2019 was the first group of 8th-grade students to be introduced to our weekly 'Test Prep' course which is taken every Wednesday and is mandatory for all 8th through 11th grade students.

Do students know the content material? Are they familiar with the way the ACT asks students questions about the various subject areas?

Our students have rigorously prepared for such testing through intentional, research-based classroom activities centered around common ACT challenges, practice testing, ACT-style assessment questions in regular classroom tests and exams.  In addition, our weekly test preparation allows students to practice standardized testing, and to reinforce (through a standardized testing format) college readiness skills taught in the classroom. Without a doubt, these activities have had a powerful and visible effect on student ACT performance.

The school average composite score for last year’s senior class reached an impressive 25.0, with an honors student average of 31.0, both an increase from the previous years. In comparison, the 2017 state average ACT composite score was 19.5 and the 2017 national average was a 21.0.

Congratulations, Crusaders, on your performance, and congratulations,  Brother Martin faculty, on building on a solid curriculum and providing the resources necessary to empower our students to flourish!

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