2016 Dionysians Reunion

logocreationbyMembers of the Dionysians alumni from 1971-1976 gathered for a celebration honoring their beloved moderators Dave Dessens and Sydney Palmisano in mid-October.  The event was held on the rooftop of the Woodward Loft apartments in the Warehouse District.  Special guest and current Dionysians moderator David “Rex” Joyner joined the party and updated the group on current projects.  Mickal Baldinger ’76, Marlene Milazzo Landry, Ellen Reardon Mills and Beth Arroyo-Utterback served on the committee.



Thank you to our Donors and Sponsors:

A. Jay Binder ’77
Kenneth Daigle ’82 in Memory of Randy Fernandez ’77
Ellen Mills–Don Arseneaux ’77
Mark Karcher ’75 in Memeory of Jude D’Aquin ’76
Charles Penot ’75 in Memory of Susie Picnot
Bobbielynn Sommers
Jan Arrigo in Memory of Jude d’Aquin ’76
Marlene Landry in Honor of Randy Fernandez ’77
Karen McCoy

Roberto Diaz Del Valle ’75 in Memory of Kevin Andy
Marlene Landry in Honor of Peter Schwartz ’71
Stephen Pierce
David Engeran ’79 in Memory of Peter Schwartz ’71
Beth A. Utterback–Ike Enter, Henry Markel
Stephen Bertram ’75
Rene Crusto ’78
Grady Hurley ’72
Daniel Nodurft ’73
John Person ’73–Dionysians Group
Rose Sedita in Honor of Felicien Fullmer
Louis Volz ’73

Michael Abadie ’75
Ned Poche
Georgann Baudier
Peggy Clark
Geralyn Garvey
Mark Monte ’77
Josie Occhipinti
Lisa Schwartzbert
Michael Wells ’79
Elaine Boos
Suzette Fitzmorris
Albert Leblanc ’72
Barry Muniz ’75
Vicki Occhipinti