Seniors Prepare for Graduation at 2017 Mass

3JR_9279On Sunday, May 14, the Class of 2017, friends, family, and Brother Martin faculty assembled together for their Graduation Mass held at St. Dominic Church and celebrated by an ordained Brother of the Sacred Heart, Bro. Louis Couvillon, S.C.  The Class of 2017 began their journey toward graduation in August at Ring Mass when Mr. John Devlin, President, urged the seniors to heed the “call to be leaders.”  He challenged them to emulate the life of Brother Martin Hernandez, S.C. in order to become instruments of God.  Bro. Louis began Mass by reminding the congregation of the significance of the day being Mother’s Day and its connection to the seniors receiving a complimentary rosary in honor of Mary, the patroness of the rosary. He also conveyed to the seniors that they are all special in God’s eyes as each senior has a purpose in life, both inside and outside of Brother Martin High School. In addition, Bro. Louis urged these young men to “walk in the spirit of love, commitment, and service” as they continue to spread the great tradition of Brother Martin. In Mr. Greg Rando’s ’77 reflection, he complemented the senior class on the power of their school spirit, on their having a positive attitude, on their leadership skills, and especially on their being men ‘who never say die.” Using the Fight Song as a model of Crusader spirit, he reminded the graduating seniors that they are Crusaders “wherever life” finds them, that they should continue to be men “of character,” and “ a faithful servant of God.” 


Prior to Mr. Rando’s reflection, the seniors experienced a commissioning service in which they vowed to uphold the mission of the school and to continue to spread the charism that has guided their education and formed their character here at Brother Martin.  In conclusion, each senior received a small Brothers of the Sacred Heart escutcheon —a coat of arms—identifying the Brothers of the Sacred Heart–and a special Brother Martin rosary in remembrance of our Mother Mary.

“The following words of Mr. Rando’s talk resonated in each senior’s mind: “Find the ways to open your heart with compassion, to reach out to address a need, to make our world a better place, to go beyond making a living to making a life, and to truly comprehend that God loves you. Ametur Cor Jesu!”

Graduation will take place at the UNO Lakefront Arena on Friday, May 19, 2017 for 6 p.m.

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Photos  courtesy of Romaguera Photography

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