Patrons Return for 3rd Annual Marty Gras

IMG_6427Marty Gras III, a concert to benefit the Marty Hurley Endowment, returned to Tipitina’s on June 1. The weather forced the Brother Martin Drumline inside to lead off the evening as they were followed by the Alumni Drumline. Next, the Brother Martin Stage Band entertained the crowd finishing with a jazzy rendition of the Brother Martin Fight Song. Stanton Moore ’90 and his band Dragon Smoke featuring Ivan Neville, Eric Lindell and Robert Mercurio then played with Mike Hotstream ’90 and others joining in for a powerful set.  Flow Tribe featuring Russell Olschner ’04, K.C. O’Rorke ’04, Mario Palmisano ’04, Bryan Santos ’04, John Michael Early, Blake Quick and Chad Penot, was next and they treated everyone to their unique funky rhythm.  Emcee Mark Romig ’74 auctioned off a Chef’s Table Dinner at Commander’s Palace. Pat Pritchett ’78 was the top bidder of the night.  The final act of the night was Bag of Donuts that included Brother Martin Alumni.  The party on stage continued as the band invited Fr. Kyle Dave ’89, Shelly (We Need More Cowbell) Pritchett Melton and Stanton Moore ’90 to join in on respective songs.  Special guests for the evening included John Devlin, Bonnie and Greg Rando ’77, Marian and Nick Lagattuta ’71, Ryan Gallagher ’00, Keith Spera ’85 and Ann and Randy Asprodites ’65 SA. Chris Bailey ’86, Dominick Caronna ’85, Lauren Del Rio, Arthur Hardy, Mike Hotstream ’90, Paulette Purser Hurley, Clarence Johnson ’92, Stanton Moore ’90 and John Wooton served on the committee.


Contributing Artists
Bag of Donuts
Dragon Smoke
Flow Tribe
Stanton Moore ’90 & Eric Lindell
Brother Martin Bands

Main Sponsor
Dave’s Pharmacy – Anna and David Jouandot ’78, David ’03, Josh ’15

Crimson Sponsors
Commander’s Palace
The de Lanzac Family – Rhen and Kraig de Lanzac ’86, Braden ’18
Chase ’08, Chris and Jan LaBure
Romaguera Photography – Ralph, Sr. ’67 SA, Ralph ’90, Ryan ’92
Kaki, Randy ’77 & Riley Smith ’16

Crusader Sponsors
Brocato Law Firm, PLC – Sal Brocato ’88
Faux Pas Prints – Johnny ’86 & Kleo Blue ’89
Drs. J.P. and Michelle Gnaidy
Pigeon Caterers of New Orleans – Dean Pigeon ’06

The Marty Hurley Band Endowment honoring Marty Hurley is established in the St. Aloysius Century Foundation to support Brother Martin High School.  Musician, composer and master teacher, Marty Hurley served for 37 years in service to the students at Brother Martin as Band Director. Under Mr. Hurley, the Brother Martin Band was a model of excellence, continually achieving superior ratings at LMEA festivals. The purpose of the endowment is to provide financial support for Brother Martin in an area most important to him during his years at the school – the instrumental music program.

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