Making Miracles Happen at Brother Martin

IMG_6091On Saturday, Brother Martin hosted their annual Crusaders’ Miracle Weekend to benefit the Miracle League of GNO. Guests of Brother Martin and the Miracle League ‘hit it out the ballpark’ with a fun-filled day of activities for participants. The event also included a baseball clinic for players from the Miracle League and a split squad game on E.A. Farley Field featuring Brother Martin’s cheerleaders, students, athletic teams, and all-stars from the Miracle League. These games were designed to give disabled youth an opportunity to compete alongside high school players and learn different aspects of the game. This year’s event also featured several auction items and games of chance with all proceeds going to support this great cause. Thank you to everybody for help organizing this annual fundraiser for the Miracle League of Greater New Orleans and see you all next year!

“The Miracle League’s mission is to provide any disabled child, regardless of their level of disability, the opportunity to play league sports and enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of being part of a team sport.” Miracle League

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