Ladies of the Shield


Ladies of the Shield

Mission Statement
Ladies of the Shield is formed with the intention of establishing scholarships in honor of our husbands and sons as well as supporting Brother Martin High School and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and their lay colleagues through your continued involvement in the Brother Martin community. 

Established in 2006, the organization’s mission is to endow scholarships in the name of our sons and/or husbands who are graduates of St. Aloysius, Cor Jesu or Brother Martin.

The Ladies of the Shield endowed the Ladies of the Shield Scholarship Fund in July of 2013. We are now working on completing the Brother Jean Sobert, S.C. Student Activities Endowment at Brother Martin.

The Ladies of the Shield has not only contributed financially to Brother Martin High School, but share their time and talents at Parents Club meetings, Open House, and the Easter Egg Hunt.

Our primary fundraising activity, “The Holiday Home Tour” is held in December each year.

If you know of a wife or mother of an alumnus that would be interested in joining, please see the link for the membership form or call us at (504) 284-6700 for more information.

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Upcoming Events

New upcoming events calendar coming in the 2015-2016 school year!

Holiday Home Tour

On Saturday, December 6, 2014, the Ladies of the Shield and Brother Martin High School hosted its 8th annual Holiday Home Tour. This year the tour featured six (6) homes in Old Metairie. Proceeds from the tour are dedicated to the Brother Jean Sobert, S.C. Student Activities Endowment.

Homes featured on the tour were Bonnie & Michael Pittman ’79, 325 Dorrington Boulevard; Pamela & Stephen Tucker, 332 Dorrington Boulevard; Lauren & Jordan Eagan ’01, 316 Dorrington Boulevard; Marge & J. Donald Garvey ’50 SA, 56 Tokalon Place; Toni & Tom Causin, 41 Tokalon Place; Flo & Ron Aleman, 33 Tokalon Place

The boutique was hosted at St. Catherine of Sienna School.

We also wish to thank our volunteers, sponsors, and the many generous donations from local merchants and businesses which were essential in making this event a success.

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