Lacrosse Plays to Win in Summer League

DSC_1587Congratulations to the Rogue Lacrosse summer teams, which were led by students of Brother Martin, for very successful play in the 2017 Big Easy Lacrosse Classic and Georgia Southern Shootout this summer.  In June, the classic was played at Pelican Park in Mandeville.  The varsity team had wins over the Average Joes 10-2, and Houston Cougars 5-3.   The Rogue U15 team won their Division with wins over Iron Horse ATX 8-0, No Excuse Memphis 6-5, and tied the Houston Hounds 6-6.  In the finals the U15 team eliminated the No Excuse Memphis 8-7 to win the Big Easy U15 Championship.  This is the second year now that the Rogue U15 Lacrosse team has won the U15 Division in the Big Easy Classic.

In the Georgia Southern Shootout in July,  the varsity team went 4-1 in Atlanta with wins over Stars Lacrosse 6-5, Augusta Patriots 8-6, Zombie Hunters 8-1, and Ricky Bobby 7-1.  In the championship, varsity Rogue lost a hard fought finals game to LC of Atlanta 4-6.  The U15 team finished with a 4-1 record in Atlanta with wins over Atlanta Empire 5-3, LC of Atlanta 6-5, Copperhead North 4-3, and Mauldin Renegade Orange 11-6.  U15 then fell to Copperhead North 4-6 in the semi-finals.


Brother Martin students playing on the varsity Rogue summer team were Chase Mountain ’18, Drew Dodd ’20, Jackson Schneider ’18, Christopher Stassi ’19, Will Walsten ’19, Jake Bodino ’19, Jonathan Code ’17, Tim Dixon ’18, Cayden McCoy ’20, Noah Velez ’18, and Connor McCoy ’18.

Brother Martin students playing on the U15 Rogue summer team were Elliott Baudry ’20, Aaron Guirovich ’20, Alex Rupp ’20, Ethan Rupp ’20, Carson Scott ’20, and Chase Scott ’21.

Congratulations to Rogue Lacrosse for successful league play this summer!

Rogue Lacrosse is a summer league program made up of lacrosse players from surrounding schools in the Greater New Orleans and Northshore Area including Brother Martin, Jesuit, Mandeville, Northshore, and Saint Paul’s.  For further information, please visit

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