Welcoming Diversity


Welcoming Diversity Team

Our Mission Statement
“A commitment to recognize the cultural richness of all races, creeds, and genders; to rejoice in our differences and to realize our sameness; to celebrate the diversity that binds us all together.”

What is the Diversity Team?

  • We are not a club.
  • We are a spiritually centered TEAM.
  • We are an extension of campus ministry.
  • We are committed to facilitate dialogue leading to action between people of different races, religions, cultures, genders, ages and ethnic backgrounds in order to achieve more inclusive understanding and just communities.

Our Objective:
To educate the Brother Martin community by:

  • promoting racial harmony
  • establishing the importance of all religious denominations
  • recognizing the equality of all people
  • providing support for the marginalized members of our community Our Activities:
  • Commissioning service/prayer breakfast
  • 9/11 prayer service
  • Work with the elderly at Chateau de Notre Dame
  • Ramadan with Muslim friends
  • Brotherhood sisterhood award
  • Vietnamese new year
  • NO AIDS walk
  • Unity through understanding day
  • Link with other schools diversity groups
  • Brown bag lunch discussions
  • Help celebrate black history month
  • Bring diversity to liturgies
  • Walk for the hungry
  • Experience the Jewish faith and tradition

Welcoming Diversity Team Meetings- TBD

Membership is open to all  students.

Mrs. Donnamaria Giambelluca

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