Student Council


Student Council

The Student Council is both the student government mechanism and a service organization dedicated to the Brother Martin community. The Council provides a forum whereby members not only sponsor events but initiate and promote greater student concern for and participation in all student activities. The organization also serves as a liaison between the student body and the school administration.

Officers are elected by student body or class level voting. General membership is open to all students.

(An extracurricular letter may be earned.)

Mondays – 7:30 a.m. – Room 114

Ms. Rebecca Stroud
Mr. Gerald Ursin, III ’07

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Homecoming Coordinator: Loralie Condon/Marilyn Meyn
School Dance Coordinator: Chris Caboni
Senior Class Coordinators: Laurie Leftwich, Judy Rodriguez

2013-2014 Officers (Click to view results)

Executive Board

GNO District President – Brad Giacone
Student Council Executive Member – David Trepagnier
Student Council Executive Member – Mason Drouant
Student Council Parliamentarian – Harrison Trepagnier
Student Council Corresponding Secretary - Jeffery Anderson
Student Council Vice-President - Alex Migliore
Student Council President - Michael Maldonado
Student Council Pep Rally Chairman – Mason Drouant
Student Council Communications Chairman – Andres Fino
Student Council Sign Painting Chairman – Brett Campbell
Student Council Events Chairman – Zack Baier
Student Council Service Chairman – Kyle Owens
Student Council Spirit Chairman – Jarrod D’Gerolamo

12th Grade

Brennan Clement
Stephen Lala
David Lawrence

Class President
Jarrod D’Gerolamo

11th Grade

Logan Betzer
Nolan Lambert
Collin Ligori
Rory Luke
Kyle Owens

Class President
Andres Fino

10th Grade

Jace Colby
Andrew Hendrickson
Ethan Olsen

Class President
Brett Robinson

9th Grade

Dominic Brocato
Brandon Hebert
Les Levy

Class President
Benjamin Wisniewski

8th Grade

Andrew Butler

Class President
Jeremy Baier

7th Grade

Michael Armbruster
Vincent Giovingo
John Miltenberger

Class President
Blake Mulligan

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