Drama Club

The Drama Club, or Dionysians, prepare and perform in two to four major productions each year.

They also organize and perform in an Evening of Total Art. Members contribute their acting talents and get to experience all areas of theater production from lighting to publicity. Membership is open to all students. Crusaders and girls from area Catholic high schools can audition for all Dionysian productions. (An extracurricular letter may be earned.)

For more information please email us at dionysians@brothermartin.com

2013-2014 Officers

President – Stratton Day
Vice President – Joseph Arrigo
Assistant Director – Peter DiMarco
Secretary – Justin Blanchard
Improv Captain – Dustin Foret


Mr. David Joyner (Director)
Mr. Michael Lynn, Jr. ’04 (Asst. Director)

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2013-2014 Season

Drama Season











Varsity Improv Club

Varsity Improv teaches students to perform without a prewritten script. Students learn to perform before an audience and to think on their feet. Membership is limited to students in grades nine through twelve.

(An extracurricular letter may be earned.)