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Marco Perez ’83, Chairperson
Marco ’18

Scott Shea ‘81,  Co- Chairperson
Mitchell ’10, James ’14, and Michael ’18

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parentDriveIn the 48th session for Brother Martin High School, our faculty and staff are enthused to welcome in a new school year.  We are privileged to offer your son a remarkable academic education, as well as providing opportunities for development in spiritual growth, service, leadership, and self-discipline; all integral parts of a Holistic Education.

Each year our fundraising efforts through the Parents Club help with the school’s operational expenses and offset what would in fact be a greater annual tuition increase. The difference between the real cost to educate your son and what we charge for tuition is nearly $1,000.  The Parent Drive is a way to close that gap.

A donation made to the Parent Drive allows for a tax deduction, which would not be possible if the increased difference were added to the tuition amount. In addition to offsetting a tuition increase, last year’s Parent Drive proceeds enabled us to complete a technology upgrade of the entire campus, ensuring that your son receives the best education available.

Please return the Drive form or respond online by September 9th.

Whether you submit your form with a donation or submit your form indicating that you are unable to donate this year, our goal is to have a 100% response from our parents.  Your response allows Brother Martin to have greater opportunities in securing foundation gifts and grants.



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