Parents Drive


Parents Drive

Scott Shea ‘81, Chairman
Mitchell ’08, James ’14

Shelley Landry, Co-Chairperson
Justin ’15

Gina Burke, Co-Chairperson
Karl ’15

Marco Perez ’83, Co-Chairperson
Marco ’18

Parent Drive FAQs
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In the 146th year of education by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans and the 46th session for Brother Martin High School, we are excited to welcome in a new school year. Our faculty and staff are enthused and prepared to challenge each and every student to his God given ability to succeed in today’s world.

We are privileged to offer outstanding courses and opportunities in academics, sports, service, spiritual growth, leadership, and self-discipline – these are all the elements of your son’s holistic education and we greatly appreciate the trust you place in us to develop them. It is a trust we consider as a sacred responsibility.

Each year our fundraising efforts through the Parents Club help with the school’s operational expenses and offset what would in fact be a greater annual tuition increase. For the 2014-2015 school year, proceeds from the Parents Drive and other Parents Club fundraisers will serve two important purposes: helping us to keep tuition increases as low as possible and allowing us to continue funding our initiative to improve technology on campus. This includes a rewiring of campus to increase our server capacity and to provide faster internet service, offering wireless coverage on campus, and providing the faculty with devices to enhance instruction. These technology upgrades will improve the already excellent educational experience being provided to your son. All of this is being accomplished without the use of any tuition money or building fees; the funds come strictly from donations.

The difference between the real cost to educate your son and what we charge for tuition is nearly $1,000. The Parents Drive is a way to close that gap, while allowing parents to take a charitable tax deduction which would not be possible if the difference were added to the tuition amount. We would like to encourage those who can to make a donation in the amount of one ($745), two ($1,490), or three ($2,235) months tuition or whatever your personal financial situation allows. We invite your participation in this effort and we count on your prayers for our continued success.

We ask that you please return the form no later than Friday, September 19th whether or not you are able to donate or go online to donate. Our goal is to have a 100% response in regards to either the forms being returned or donating online by our parents. Any parent who responds by September 19th will have their name entered into a drawing for a chance to win one month’s tuition ($745).

Thank you for your generous participation in this important Parents Club event as we continue the mission started by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart 146 years ago.