Crusaders Celebrate at 2017 Leadership Ceremony

RJR_0019“You are walking in the footsteps of the apostles…. You are where the Good Lord wishes you to be,” said Father Andre Coindre, the founder of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Fr. Coindre spoke these words to his fellow brothers in 1821 inspiring them to be leaders in their community. These words are still modeled by our student leaders on a daily basis at Brother Martin High School.

On Saturday, May 13, Brother Martin High School hosted the 2017 Leadership Ceremony as those words characterize our student leaders, our club moderators/coaches, and their families. This special event recognizes our students as leaders academically, athletically, socially, and spiritually at Brother Martin. Throughout the year(s), these students have possessed “courage and confidence” by dedicating their time and talents to their studies and extracurricular responsibilities. Student Ambassador Co- President Les Levy ’17 (Golden Crusader recipient) opened the ceremony with an Invocation. Then, Assistant Principal for Discipline & Attendance, Mr. Ryan Gallagher ’00, announced by class each student’s various accomplishments including honor roll and extracurricular activities. Principal Mr. Greg Rando ‘77 also presented a special lapel pin with the school’s crest to each student as they walked across the stage. Assistant Disciplinarian, Mr. Michael Lynn ’04, was also on hand to present various awards to members of the Class of 2017 and the Class of 2018.  Throughout the ceremony Assistant Principal for Admissions Mr. Carlos Bogran ’99 presented the Crimson Shield Award to members of the Class of 2017 for their contributions to the school and to the community. The award is named after the school’s signature shield, which features both the cross of Christ’s crucifixion and the sword point of the Crusader who fights for justice.  Each shield identifies a distinct quality that has led the student to his accomplishments. Assistant Principal for Academics, Mrs. Debbie Broussard, also recognized the graduates of 2017 who will receive Honors Diplomas at graduation.   

Finally, Assistant Principal for Student Services, Mrs. Gabrielle Macaluso, announced the Golden Crusaders as Mr. John Devlin and Mr. Greg Rando ’77presented the awards.  Parents also accompanied each recipient.  The faculty nominated these seniors as best exemplifying the spirit of Brother Martin High School and modeling that spirit for their peers. These seniors demonstrated strong Christian values, service to others, and consistent self-discipline with a firm commitment to academic excellence. Their contributions have made Brother Martin a better place.  Mr. Barry Hebert ‘74, Director of School Services, concluded the evening by reminiscing on the importance of the “spirit of giving” and being a true Crusader at Brother Martin High School. Student Ambassador Co- President Brent Clement ‘17 (Golden Crusader recipient) closed the evening with the Benediction.


Thank you, student leaders, for your service to our school, and congratulations to all award winners.






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Photos courtesy of Romaguera Photography



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