Cadets “Relieve the Watch” at Change of Command Ceremony

DSC_0014On Tuesday, April 11, as students began their Easter break, Principal-Select Mr. Ryan Gallagher ’00, Cmdr. Bruce Nolan ‘90, and Chief Petty Officer Terry Necaise presided over the NJROTC 50th Annual Change of Command and Awards Ceremony in the Backyard on the campus of Brother Martin High School.  The annual ceremony recognized outstanding Cadets for their performance and dedication to the Brother Martin NJROTC program.  The ceremony started with an invitation for family, friends, and faculty to “pin on” the new ranks for Officers and Chief Petty Officers.  The ceremony also followed a traditional military formation of gathering troops and presenting Cadets to the reviewing officers and guests.  Cadets were honored with awards for service from various local military and community groups.  Representatives from the Order of Daedalians, Daughters of 1812, Sons of the American Revolution, Military Order of the Purple Heart, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Fontan family presented their awards to deserving Cadets. The final award was presented to Connor Richoux ‘20. He was the recipient of the Enlisted Cadet of the Year Award and the Jacques Fontan ‘86 Leadership and Courage Award.

The ceremony concluded with a Change of Command for all of the leadership positions.  Following Navy Tradition, Cmdr. Nolan ordered the new leaders to “Relieve the Watch.”  Cadet Cmdr. Manny Guillot ‘17  was relieved of his position as incoming Commanding Officer Cadet Lt. Cmdr. Scott Johnston ‘18 requested permission to take command.

The Seniors were then called forward with their parents to receive the Mr. John Parent Award, recognizing the dedication and assistance of the senior parents throughout their sons’ time in the Brother Martin NJROTC.

While the ceremony focused on changing  leadership within the NJROTC Unit, Cmdr. Nolan also announced that Mr. Ryan Gallagher ‘00 preside over the ceremony as the Principal-Select for the 2017-2018 school year. Mr. Greg Rando ‘77, the 2016-2017 Principal, strongly supported the NJROTC program during his time and the Unit looks forward to continued support from Mr. Gallagher.

Bravo Zulu to the outgoing Class of 2017 and congratulations to all  leadership and recipients!

American Legion Award for Military Excellence presented by Mr. Jimmy Pilet, Post 307:
Emmanuel Guillot ‘17

American Legion Scholastic Medal presented by Mr. Jimmy Pilet, Post 307: Jacob Detiege ‘17

American Veterans ROTC Award: Darien Alexander ‘19

Daedalian JROTC Achievement Award presented by Mr. John Grout: Manny Guillot ‘17

Daughters of 1812 JROTC Medal presented by Ms. Patti Millan, Chalmette Chapter:
Christopher Raymond ‘17

Daughters of the American Revolution ROTC Medal:  Ryan Johnson ‘18

Fleet Reserve Association JROTC Medal presented by Gy. Sgt. Dave Field, USMC (Ret), FRA Branch 162: Ian Johnson ‘17

Knights of Columbus Patriotic Award presented by Mr. Larry Jones, Assembly 3226: Darius Alexander ‘19

Military Officers Association of America: Dillon Rousset ‘18

Military Order of the Purple Heart presented by Sgt. Maj. Isaac Gilliard, Jr., USMC (Ret.), Chapter 1955:
Harrison Hedgpeth ‘19

Military Order of World Wars JROTC Award of Merit: Francisco Garcia ‘18

National Sojourners Award: Joshua Bedran ‘19

Navy League Theodore Roosevelt Youth Medal for JROTC: Samuel DeGarmo ‘17

Scottish Rite Association presented by Mr. Martin J. Reinschmidt, Valley of New Orleans:
Scott Johnston ‘18

Sons of the American Revolution, presented by Mr. John Grout: Stephen Fletcher ‘17

US Marine Corps Support Group, Captain Samuel Nicholas Award for Leadership presented by Col. Ernest Fitzgerald, USMC Support Group:  Adam Lorio ‘17

Veterans of Foreign Wars ROTC Medal presented by Mr. Doug Thomas, Post 8973: Grant Strohmeyer ‘17

Veterans of Foreign Wars Voice of Democracy Post 8973 and LA District 1 Winner presented by Mr. Doug Thomas, Post 8973: Eric Gegenheimer ‘20

Patrick Case Manale ’82 award for Outstanding Platoon Chief: Brendan Brouillette ‘19

Platoon of the Year:  5th Platoon led by Michael Serié ‘19 and Darius Alexander ‘19

National Flight Academy Scholarships, presented by Mr. Stephen Camp, Jr. ‘84 in memory of Chief Petty Officer Jacques Fontan ‘84:  Johnny Do ‘18 and Harrison Hedgpeth ‘19

Jacques Fontan ‘86 Leadership and Courage Award presented by the Fontan Family and Enlisted Cadet of the Year: Connor Richoux ‘20


Commanding Officer: Cadet Lt. Cmdr. Scott Johnston ‘18

Executive Officer: Cadet Lt. Ryan Johnson ‘18

Command Master Chief: Cadet Master Chief Francisco Garcia ‘18

Administration Officer: Cadet Lt. j.g. Stephen Rayle ‘18

Operations Officer: Cadet Lt. Dillon Rousset ‘18

Supply Officer: Cadet Lt. Johnathan Trahan ‘18

Public Affairs Officer: Cadet Ensign James Bender ‘18



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