Scholarships & Financial Aid



Academic Scholarships at Brother Martin High School are administered by the Academic Scholarship Committee under the direction of the Office of Admissions. They are based on academic merit, and students do not apply for them.

An undetermined number of scholarships will be awarded for the 2013-2014 school year. These scholarships are renewable for an additional 4 or 5 years, depending upon year of entrance and maintenance of the required GPA. In determining scholarship recipients the committee uses the following considerations:

-elementary school grades

-standardized test scores

-record of conduct

-composite score earned on the placement test administered at Brother Martin High School

Scholarship award winners are notified in writing.

Financial Aid

Work Study Grants are available for a limited number of needy students. Upon acceptance into this program, the student receives work assignments and earns tuition credits through the completion of these assignments. Any tuition obligation for seniors not completed through this program by May 2nd must be paid in cash before final examinations may be taken. Obligations for underclassmen must be paid by May 23rd. Should a student fail to perform tasks satisfactorily or not make himself available at required times, the work study program is discontinued and the remainder of the tuition is payable in cash. A limited amount of financial assistance is available. This aid applies to tuition only and not to registration and fees. To qualify for financial aid for the upcoming year all financial obligations must be paid in full by May 29th.

For further information regarding the financial assistance process, please contact the Finance Director at (504) 283-1561.