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Crusader Pros: Rick Robey
The following is a reprint of an article by Keith Peneguy ('81) in the May 19, 1979, edition of the Martin Crusader.
Robey Cites 'Sader Start
by Keith Penguy
"Brother Martin played a big role in developing my career," says Rick Robey, a basketball star for the Boston Celtics.
"Martin was one of the stepping stones to get me where I am right now," Robey stated. He is now a part-time starter for the most traditionally powerful basketball club in the National Bas­ketball Association.
In his last nine years, Robey himself has established a winning tradition. After a state championship and district title at Brother Martin, Rick went to the University of Kentucky and was an immediate success.
"Andy Russo and Tom Kolb were both good coaches, and the academics at Brother Martin prepared me to be able to go to a major university like Kentucky," explained Robey. "Kentucky had a good basketball program with a lot of tradition and veteran players. I felt with the addition of myself, Mike Phillips, James Lee, and Jack Givens, we could have a super four years to­gether and that is what it turned out to be."
Robey and his Kentucky teammates visited the National Tour­nament all four years, and appeared in the final three of those seasons. It was all capped off with a national title in the 1977-78 season, Robey's senior campaign.
Following his bright prep and college career, Robey was taken in the first round of the NBA draft by the Indiana Pacers. Here Robey figured to help a great deal, since the Pacers were one of the weakest rebounding teams in the league. But it wasn't that easy.
"I was very unhappy with the Pacers because Slick Leonard was a different person than I was used to being around," the 6-11 Robey understated. Leonard, the Pacers Head Coach, had
been quoted as saying Robey would never develop into a top-notch professional. Rick was traded to Boston for All-Star for­ward Bill Knight in January. "Since then, it has been all looking up for me and the Boston Celtics," Robey stated.
With the Celts, Robey averaged 21 minutes, 6 rebounds, and just under 10 points per game. He started Boston's last 12 games at center and played a great deal as a power forward off the bench. "I enjoy both positions; it really doesn't matter which one I play," added Robey.
Robey will probably be disappointed in the Boston' inability to sign the "Million Dollar Bird" (Larry Bird of Indiana State), because he offered some very praiseworthy comments about the 1979 College Player of the year.
"Larry and I played together in the World Invitational Games last year; he is a super all-around player. I think he would help a person like myself because he is such a good passer. He gets the ball inside and is a real pleasure to be on the courts with," commented Robey.
Obviously the Celtics were not willing to pay such a high price for Robey to have the satisfaction of sharing the court with the hayseed superstar from Terre Haute.
"Each step helped me," said Robey. "Playing in the pressure of a state tournament, then starting four years and going all the way with Kentucky, each thing helped. Martin developed me into the type player I am, and Kentucky developed me a little more.
"When you are in high school, you mainly think of college and when you get in college you think of the pros, but you keep that out of your mind and work hard and everything falls in place."
So far everything has fallen in the right place for Robey.
Robey was a member of the Celtics' 1981 NBA Championship team, making him one of the few athletes to win a state championship in high school, NCAA title in college, and a league championship as a pro.
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Barry Hebert's 1984 baseball team went 25-4 and won the state championship. Answer several questions about that magical season.

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  3. The losing pitcher in the championship game went on to star at LSU. Who was he?
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