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Plus 50 Gala

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Plus 50 Gala
May 23, 2015

Alumni of 51 or more years and their guests celebrated the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart at the Plus 50 Gala this past Saturday. The afternoon started with Mass in the Branton Chapel followed by a brief program then a reception in The Benson Mall. Fr. Mike Schneller ’64 SA celebrated Mass assisted by Deacon Wayne Walker ’64 SA. After Mass, James Corcoran ’45 who lives in Huntington Beach, CA was recognized as the alumnus who travelled the farthest to attend the Gala. Ellis Quigley ’42 was recognized as the attendee from the earliest class. The Brothers of the Sacred Heart in attendance were recognized. The Cor Jesu and St. Aloysius classes of 1959, the St. Aloysius classes of 1954, 1949 and 1944 were all recognized on their respective anniversaries. The St. Aloysius Class of 1963 was welcomed as the newest members of the Plus 50 family. For the first time in the 11 year history of the event, a 50-year class, the St. Aloysius Class of 1964, joined the others for Mass. The class of ’64 then attended a separate reception in the Bro. Mark Thornton Terrace. At the Plus 50 reception, alumni and guest were served a delicious meal by Brother Martin Student Ambassadors and members of Brother Martin Food Services. A PowerPoint presentation created by Bro Neal Golden ’57 CJ and Community Relations Director Julia Gandolfi featuring some of the history of Cor Jesu and St. Aloysius entertained guests. For dessert, a beautiful and tasty Plus 50 cake was served. Mike McAdam ’53

Chairman, Joe Bischone ’57 SA, Lou Bravo ’48, Sam Briuglio ’59 SA, Bob Dauterive ’60 CJ, Emery Dyer ’56, Floyd Gegenheimer ’48, Bro. Neal Golden ’57 CJ, Roy Hoffman ’46, Ken Leithman ’47, Joe McAdam ’50, Butler Powell ’56 and George Wax ’45 served on the committee.

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