Crusader Cook- Off & Flag Football


Crusader Cook- Off & Flag Football

2017 Crusader Cook- Off Tailgate Challenge & Homebrew Competition

Members of the Swine Spectators Team

Members of the Swine Spectators Team

Held September 10, the Cook-Off stimulated the appetites of the hundreds of people gathered together in the school’s Backyard, by sending out aromas of culinary delights like Bang Bang Shrimp, ‘Sader Sliders, and Sashimi Bites, just to name a few. Now that aroma was just from the food that 15 cooking teams were preparing.

Also featured were ten homemade brew teams. These skilled home brewers were giving out samples of their beer — from dark, rich Stouts to crisp Blondes. Some kept it traditional by only adding barley, hops, and a few secret ingredients. Other brewers went a little rogue and offered samples that contained cloves and berries to enrich their beer’s flavors.

“I have no idea how the judges could pick any winners,” said parent Alina Hernandez. “The food was restaurant quality and the brews were genius. Perfect day, perfect atmosphere. A great day to enjoy as a Brother Martin family.”

While alumni and guests were busy tasting the various cuisines and quaffing homebrews from cooking teams, local and celebrity guest judges were voting for the “People’s Choice” and  “Top Chef” winners of the event. The Brew Crew wowed guests and judges with their Bang Bang Shrimp and took home both the “People’s Choice” and “Top Chef” awards. Runners- up were the Spice Boys with their shrimp sliders and The Swine Spectators with their skirt steak sliders. The “Master Brew” award was given to Chicken & the Kegg with their Hen House Wheat.  Runners- up were Redfish Brewing with a Pinot Blonde and Laughing Bayou with a Doppelganger Pale Ale.  The Smokin’ to the Oldies team won the “People’s Choice” with a  Mango Belgian Triple.

The Brew Crew

Members of The Brew Crew Team

Guest cooking and brew judges included Kevin Belton ’77 of WWL- TV Morning News, Scot Craig ’80 of Katie’s, Kelly Fiorella ’85 of The Original Fiorella’s Café, Mike Gulotta ’98 of MoPho and Maypop, Kim Holden of FOX 8 WVUE, Jamie Munoz and Pete Montecino of Lucy’s Retired Surfer’s Bar & Restaurant, Rusty Perrone ’02 of Perrone and Sons, Inc., Greg Rando ’77 of Brother Martin, Vance Vaucresson ’87 of Vaucresson Sausage Co., Inc., Rod West ’86 of Entergy, and Raymond Yakelis ’06 of Sysco, Donn Lacoste ’94 of Gnarly Barley Brewing, and Xavier Cordova of Crescent City Brewhouse.

In addition, an assortment of door and cash prizes were awarded at the Cook-Off. Attendees  were also treated to favorite grill items of hamburgers and sausages which were prepared by the Brother Martin Cooking team led by Cissy Yakelis.  Beth Tomlinson with the assistance of Brother Martin alumni and parents monitored the dessert booth.  Eddie Gonzales ’77 emceed with Rob Hymel and The Team Serious About Cooking serving as DJ of the event.  The Class of 2001 sponsored and served refreshments in the drink tent.

Thank you also to all our attendees and guest judges for judging this great event!

For further information on the Cook-Off Tailgate Challenge & Homebrew Competition, please call the Office of Alumni at 504- 284-6700.

Judy and Rusty Buckman
Erin and Joe Caruso ’79
Brian Constanza
Mary Beth and Jeff Haro ’74
Michele and Steve Joubert ’78
Sheila and Ron Messina ’63 SA
Cindy and Jerry Moll ’73
Beverly and Tim Napier
Kelsey and Brett Napier ’03
Debbie and Roni Sumich
Paul and Paula Trentacosta
Stacey and Mark Wisniewski ’81
Cissy and Ray Yakelis
Marie and Steve Yost

Explodin Spadini’s
Grilled Sader Shrimp
Nick Macaluso ’85, Joey O’Connor ’85, Darrin O’Connor ’89, Chris Flynn, Cisco Gonzales, and Cisco Gonzales, Jr. ’13

‘81 Gold
Crawfish Pasta
Mark Buchert ’81, Frank McCaskell ’81, FJ Hebert ’81, Glenn Norton ’81, and Scott Shea ‘81

‘81 Crimson
White Beans and Shrimp
Theresa and Mark Buchert ’81, Frank McCaskell ’81, FJ Hebert ’81, Glenn Norton ’81, and Scott Shea ’81

The Swine Spectators
Skirt Steak Sliders
Lee LaFleur ’94, Rob LaFleur ’92, Bob Vorhoff ’82, Kevin Kernion ’98

Ingrillious Basters
Smoked Pork Belly Tacos
Bobby Clay ’04 and Patrick Moore

The Brew Crew
Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos
Chris Marino and Ronald Thibodeaux Jr. ’07

Team Serious about Cooking
Blackened Shrimp Tacos
Jay Hotard ’82, Robert Hymel, and Jay LeBlanc

Chicken and The Kegg
Smoked Fried Chicken Sliders
Andrew Woodroof ’03, Jeremy Mipro ’03, Jack Uhle ’03

Class of 2005
Fried Oyster Tacos
Blake Bourgeois ’05, Ross Fox ’05, Christopher Meeks ’05

The Fatty Shack
Smoked BBQ Ribs
Christian DiCarlo ’11, Casey Rodrigue ’11, Gaby St. Martin, Pam Wainwright

Smokin’ to the Oldies
Smoked Chicken Wings
Lauren and Ronald Thibodeaux, Jr. ’07, Michael Barr, Matt Schneider ‘07, and Joe McCarthy ’11

White Gumbo
Crab and Shrimp Bisque
Bryan Oubre ‘97

Class of ’86
BBQ Shrimp Tacos
Paul Schmidt ’86, Jason Kern ’86, Johnny Blue ’86, Mark Ceravolo ’86

Spice Boys
Shrimp Sliders
Lindsey P. Williams ’83, Mason Williams ’15, Pierce Williams ’16

Class of ‘97
Sashimi Bites
Lindsay Munson and Casey Munson ’97, Colleen and Chris Theriault ’97

Maffbrau- Double IPA, Sal Maffei
Bucktown Poplar 508- Amber Ale, Jerry Muller ’73
Chicken and The Kegg – Sunny Side Saison- Belgian Saison, Andrew Woodroof ’03
Chicken and The Kegg – Hen House Wheat- American Wheat Beer, Andrew Woodroof ’03
Kenna – Brau Brewing Crimson Ale- A Red Ale, Matt Bonura ’09 and Amanda Roark
Ale Force One – Abbey Ale and Ruby Ale, Troy Tomlinson ’88 and Morgan Legendre
Smokin’ to the Oldies – Mango Belgian Triple, Ronald Thibodeaux, Jr. ’07, Brett Aiken ’07, and Kyle Mayes ’12
Redfish Brewing – Bourbon Breakfast Stout, Mike Binder and family
Redfish Brewing – Pinot Blonde, Mike Binder and family
Laughing Bayou Brewing – Doppelgänger Pale Ale- American Pale Ale, Bryan Bonura ’93, Stephen Gifford ’99 and Kevin Bergeron

Top Chef

Class of 1997
Class of 2001-BJ Branigan, Paul Cotaya, Eric Dimm, Anthony Genovese, Jr., Ernest Giusti III, Chris Hakenjos, Charles Kirchem, Neil Schneider, Brian Whitfield, Patrick Perrien, Brent Sandrock, Scott Schneider, and Evan Trapani
Friend of Brother Martin
Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith – Blake Bourgeois ’05
The O’Connor Insurance Group, LLC – Joey O’Connor ’85
Mandina’s Restaurant – Cindy Mandina
Pelican Graphics & Pelican Events – Dolph Federico ’86
PepsiCo – David Ward ’83
R&A Oyster Co. – Ross Fox ’05
Sysco – New Orleans – Raymond Yakelis ’06

Sous Chef

Brocato Law Firm, PLC – Sal Brocato III ’88
Rusty and Judy Buckman
Christine and Milton Dureau ’69 CJ
Fast Plak, Inc. – Debbie and Roni Sumich
Mike’s Hardware & Supply – LaFleur Family
The Napier Family – Beverly and Tim, Kelsey and Brett ’03 and Garrett ’08
Bryan J. Oubre ’97
Schiro’s School Time Uniforms
Short Stop Poboys – Russell Hendrick ’70


Bear’s Po Boys
Brother Martin Bookstore
Brother Martin Ladies of the Shield
Crescent City Brewhouse
Hobnobber Cafe
Mary Beth and Jeff Haro ’74
Katie’s Restaurant – Scot Craig ’80
Sheila and Ron Messina ’63 SA
Riverlands Golf and Country Club
Ruby Slipper
St. James Hotel – Eddie Jacobs ’81
Tony Mandina’s Restaurant
Southern Eagle – Roddy Palazzo ’95, Jerry Peters ’76, Lou Provenzano ’90

Please Note…. Names on these lists reflect original registration list for event. Please email for questions or missing team members. 

2017 Cook- Off & Tailgate Challenge
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2017 Flag Football Tournament
IMG_9157Although the New Orleans Saints were not playing in the Superdome on Sunday, September 10, there was going to be plenty of football action for the Brother Martin community. Members of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart Alumni Association and guests participated in the annual Alumni Flag Football Tournament that was held on Farley Field. This was the fourth year for the tournament.   Director of Alumni Scott Corrente ’83, Jimmy Gatti, and David Pecot ‘76 coordinated this year’s event.  Steve Lahare ’74 served as the head official with fellow alumni and non- alumni officials.

In addition, on this beautiful morning the teams were able to visit their alma mater, to enjoy the camaraderie between friends, and to play some flag football. In particular, team “Pure Bred,” had an even better day, for they took home the coveted title after defeating “Tight End Reinstated.”  Last year, “Pure Bred” lost in the championship game by a score of 19-6.

Team Captain John Buckman ’06 commented that “it was a great feeling to finally lift the trophy after finishing in second place three years in a row. We look forward to playing in the Flag Football Tournament every year. It’s always a good time playing a few games and then enjoying the great food at the Cook -Off Challenge. Thank you to Coaches Corrente and Gatti, Lahare and all of the other officials for their hard work in putting this awesome event together. We can’t wait to get back on the field next year and defend the title.”

After the round robin competition had finished, the players gathered together for photos on the field. Then, the teams and their guests walked across the street to partake in the festivities at the Crusader Cook-Off & Tailgate Challenge. Thank you to all our participants for another great event!

To sum up the experience, team official David Pecot ’76 stated that “volunteering for the Alumni Flag Football Tournament is always a fun time!  I see alumni and non-alumni having a competitive time playing, but showing the true Brother Martin spirit.  Everyone needs to come check out this event! “

If you would like further information about the Alumni Flag Football Tournament, please contact the Office of Alumni at (504) 284-6700 or





Game 1 Class of ‘01 & Some vs. Pure Bred (W) 18-6
Game 2 Untouched vs. Tight End Reinstated (W) 32-26
Game 3 Tight End Reinstated  vs. Pure Bred (W) 40-18
Game 4 Class of ‘01 & Some (W) vs. Untouched 19-13
Game 5 Pure Bred (W) vs. Untouched 34-28
Game 6 Tight End Reinstated (W) vs. Class of ‘01 & Some 31-21


Class of ‘01 and Some (Black):
Vince Carbo ‘95
Travis Donnelly ‘01
Brad Dorsey ‘02
Anthony Genovese ‘01
Scott Giardina ‘01
Patrick Perrien ‘01
Jeff Reboul ’01
Neil Schneider ‘01
Evan Trapani ‘01

Untouched (Grey):
Brian Buchert ‘06
Jeff Beben ‘05
Ben Collier ’05
Austin Glahn ‘05
Jordan Glahn ‘18
Adam Delgado ‘05
Ryan Hammant ‘05
Blake Jenevein ‘05
Mitch McCloskey ‘05
Jeff Seimann ‘05

Pure Bred (Red):
Chris Baer ’06
Brian Buchert ‘06
John Buckman ’06
Mike Donahue
Brad Fitzsimmons ’06
Will Fury ‘06
Brent Robertson ’06
Scott Tabavy ‘06

Tight End Reinstated (Gold):
Blake Battle ‘13
Matthew Benoit ‘13
Chase Keller
Jonathan LeBoeuf ‘12
Alex McGehee ‘13
Joseph Williams ‘12
Patrick Weilbaecher ‘12
Tyler Zamjahn ‘13

Steve Lahare ’74– Head Official
Rob Bonnaffons ’74
Lou Bonnaffons ’84
Greg Deichmann, Sr.
Paul Lahare ’72
David Pecot ’76
Ron Redmann
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