Alumni Day of Reflection


dove and ribbonDay of Reflection

The Alumni Day of Reflection held on Saturday, April 8, 2017, was led by Fr. David Ducote ’04. After being introduced by Randy Oddo ’62 SA, Fr. Ducote reflected on “Man Caves or Man Deserts: Bearing the Fruits of Lent in our Daily Lives.”  Fr. Ducote’s theme challenged all to continue bearing fruits of Lent even after the Lenten season will soon be completed. Like Jesus’ victory over the temptations of the devil for 40 days in the desert, we too can survive without certain vices in our daily lives. The day also consisted of personal reflection time, as well as the Way of the Cross and the Rosary led by Judge Bob Burns ’62 SA and Wayne Wellmeier ’86 respectively.  The day’s activities concluded with a Mass in the James B. Branton Chapel led by Fr. Ducote ’04 and assisted by Deacon Robert Pendzimaz ’83.  After Mass, all participants enjoyed lunch in the Bro. Mark Thornton Terrace.

IMG_9238Randy Oddo ’62 SA (chairman), Judge Bob Burns ’62 SA, Bro. Louis Couvillon, S.C., Bob Martin ’61 SA, Tony Melito ’76 and Wayne Wellmeier ’86 served on the committee.






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2016 Alumni Day of Reflection

Bro. Ronald Hingle ’78 led the 2016 Alumni Day of Reflection with the theme of “My life is not my own. Then, whose is it, and whose should it be? Lessons of Holy Week.”  The day consisted of two presentations by Bro. Ronald, Reconciliation, Adoration, The Way of the Cross and the Rosary.  There was time for personal reflection and group discussions. Brother Martin Chaplain Bro. Louis Couvillon, S.C. celebrated Mass assisted by Deacon Carlo Maniglia ’69 SA.
The day ended with lunch in the Tom and Gayle Benson Mall.

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