Alumni Day of Reflection


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Alumni Day of Reflection


Bro. Ronald Hingle ’78 led the 2016 Alumni Day of Reflection with the theme of “My life is not my own. Then, whose is it, and whose should it be? Lessons of Holy Week.”  The day consisted of two presentations by Bro. Ronald, Reconciliation, Adoration, The Way of the Cross and the Rosary.  There was time for personal reflection and group discussions. Brother Martin Chaplain Bro. Louis Couvillon, S.C. celebrated Mass assisted by Deacon Carlo Maniglia ’69 SA.  The day ended with lunch in the Tom and Gayle Benson Mall.



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2015 Alumni Day of Reflection

Deacon Carlo Maniglia ’69 SA directed the 19th annual Alumni Day of Reflection this past Saturday on campus. Deacon Maniglia’s two presentations challenged attendees on day-to-day decisions and prejudices we may have. Reconciliation, the Way of the Cross and the Rosary were part of the day. Bro. Louis Couvillon S. celebrated Mass and the day concluded with lunch in the Benson Mall. Randy Oddo ’62 SA, chairman, Judge Bob Burns ’62 SA, Bob Martin ’61 SA, Tony Melito ’76, Louis Savoye ’61 SA, Wayne Wellmeier ’86 and Bro. Louis Couvillon S.C. served on the committee.

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