The religion program aims to impart to students both an academic content and a reflective attitude toward God, self, and others. To this end, the basic truths of the Roman Catholic Church are presented. These truths are reflected upon and discussed, with a view toward forming young men concerned with peace, justice, and charity who will contribute positively to the world. Religion teachers draw upon the knowledge of the student body, faculty, and guest speakers to achieve the ends of the program. Each year students will learn one aspect of the charism of the Brother of the Sacred Heart. Included in this study are historical development, spirituality, discernment, and community living. Scripture, prayer, and community service are also integral parts of each course.


Religion I
Students will discover Sacred Scriptures and how they unfold through salvation history, with a particular focus on Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of salvation history. Revelation, both Divine and natural, is explored as are inspiration, interpretation, and exegesis. This study begins with a person’s natural instinct to search for God. The second semester will help students understand the mystery of Christ, encountering him as he taught, healed, and ministered. Students will explore and gain understanding of the New Testament, the history of Jesus’ people, the events of Jesus’ life, the main elements of his teaching, the Paschal Mystery, beliefs about him through the ages, and his relevance for today.

Religion II
Students will encounter Jesus Christ and will be lead toward a deeper understanding of Divine Revelation, the Trinity, the Incarnation, Jesus, salvation, and discipleship in response to God’s love. The goal of discipleship is a life of grace and holiness and a share in God’s everlasting kingdom. In the second semester the students will address contemporary moral issues, discussing them from a Catholic and personal viewpoint. This course will help students to learn and implement a process of decision-making. This course will utilize Theology of the Body which is a curriculum that helps young people understand the significance of their sexuality as a good and essential part of life and love.

Religion III Sacraments/Social Justice
The first semester reveals the sacrament as a definitive way that Jesus remains present to the Church and the world today. Students will explore concrete ways to understand the sacraments, participate in their rites, and benefit from their graces. The second semester explores the issues of social justice through an in-depth discussion of Christian morality and an application of these concepts through service to the community. This area will challenge the student to accept Christianity and apply its tenets to his life, society, and the world.

Religion IV World Religions/Christian Vocations

In the first semester students will understand the manner in which the Catholic Church relates to non-Catholic Christians as well as other religions of the world. Building on the foundational truth that Jesus Christ established the Catholic Church and entrusted to her the fullness of God’s Revelation, the course is intended to help students to recognize the ways in which important spiritual truths can also be found in non-Catholic Christian churches and ecclesial communities as well as in non-Christian religions. It is also intended to help the student recognize the ways in which other systems of belief and practice differ from the Catholic faith. The Christian vocations component will focus on Christian marriage, family life, religious life, priesthood, and the single life. An emphasis will be placed on how a Christian lifestyle is the best way to become personally whole and spiritually holy. This course continues Theology of the Body which was introduced in Religion II with a focus on Christian vocations including married life, single life, Holy Orders, and religious life.


Mr. Gerald Ursin III ’07, M.P.S.,Department Chair
Mr. William Gallagher ’71, B.S.
Mr. James Gatti, B.G.S.
Mrs. Donnamaria Giambelluca, B.G.S.
Dr. Tony Melito ’76, Ph.D.

Mr. Ryan Nocito ’06, M.T.S.
Mr. Nathaniel Peters ’13, B.A.
Mrs. Judy Rodriguez, M.R.E.
Ms. Sasha Sevin, M.R.E.
Mr. Ryan Zeringue, B.A.

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