College Placement

College Pic

College Placement provides students with the resources needed to research their future opportunities and therefore make decisions regarding post-secondary education and career choices. College Placement services the students as they engage in procedures necessary for college admissions, scholarship and financial aid.

The College Placement Counselor is available to students and their parents throughout the students’ high school years and schedules class meetings with all four class levels. During the Junior and Senior years the counselor schedules individual conferences to help students define their goals and interests and blend them with a realistic assessment of college choices. The College Placement Counselor guides students in a sequence of college planning and admissions procedures and serves as liaison between the student and the college admissions office.

The College Placement Office houses an extensive library of references and computer software containing information on colleges, college admissions, financial aid, scholarships, college athletics, and careers. Internet access, providing students with further opportunities for information, is also available in the College Placement Office.

All students at Brother Martin High School are encouraged to discuss their post-secondary education plans with the College Placement Counselor. They should investigate all per-requisites necessary for admissions to the college of their choice.