Guidance Department

The Guidance Department consists of six full-time counselors. Each counselor is assigned to a particular grade level. The guidance counselors are available to students, parents, and teachers in order to best assist in the total development of the young men at Brother Martin. Additionally, for students who are in need of specialized assistance, referral services are available through their counselor.

The guidance personnel are available on a regular basis for student consultation. These meetings will form the basis for the different types of counseling services available. Students, parents, and teachers are most welcome at any time to initiate contact with the appropriate counselor for help.

The Director of Student Formation develops and coordinates formation and tutoring programs, initiatives and strategies for students with the goal that all students reach their academic potential. Paramount to this formation, the director coordinates a homework initiative to ensure that all students complete homework on a daily basis.  Then, the director works closely with the guidance counselors and college placement office to further student development.  In order to ensure the success of this plan, the director coordinates with teachers to develop programs for students who need extra assistance. Finally, to reach the overarching goals of student success, the director coordinates, plans, and implements the standardized test prep classes for all students that meet each week to assist students in continuous test taking improvement.

Standardized Testing

The Guidance Department administers a comprehensive standardized testing program. The results of these tests are provided to students and are available to parents upon request.  The testing program includes:

Test Name
Grade Level
8th Grade
PReACT, PSAT, Practice ACT


Brother Martin High School offers an ACT test preparation course to all Catholic high school students. The course will assist in preparing for the ACT by reviewing basic skills, re-enforcing various concepts, and familiarizing students with question types that commonly appear on the test. Students will also be introduced to effective test taking strategies, and have opportunities to practice questions and tests. Preparation will also build confidence, decrease anxiety, and assist students in maximizing potential. Each class will consist of 1-1/2 hours of English and Reading test preparation. The cost of the course is $200 and includes books and materials. Seating is limited. Please register as soon as possible.

For additional information, please contact Mrs. Jill A. Gomez at 504-283-1561 (ext. 3097).

College Placement


College Placement provides students with the resources needed to research their future opportunities and therefore make decisions regarding post-secondary education and career choices. College Placement serves the students as they engage in procedures necessary for college admissions, scholarship, and financial aid.

The College Placement counselors are available to students and their parents throughout the students’ high school years, and schedules class meetings with all class levels. During the junior and senior years, the counselor schedules individual conferences to help students define their goals and interests and provide them with a realistic assessment of college choices. The College Placement Counselor guides students in a sequence of college planning and admissions procedures and serves as liaison between the student and the college admissions office.

The College Placement Center houses an extensive library of print, computer software, and internet tools as well as information on college admission, financial aid, athletics, career information, and scholarships. A College Placement Handbook is prepared for each junior and senior. The College Placement Center holds financial aid seminars for junior and senior parents about TOPS and other financial aid programs.

All students at Brother Martin High School are encouraged to discuss their post-secondary education plans with the College Placement Counselor. They should investigate all prerequisites necessary for admission to the college of
their choice.

College Planning Resources:

Financial Aid Resources:

Special Needs Program


A Special Needs Program is designed to address the needs of those students who have learning difficulties. The program is overseen by a committee that reviews all pertinent educational information and determines if a student is
eligible for additional classroom accommodations that may assist him in achieving his academic potential.

The Special Needs Program does not address the needs of students requiring Special Education nor does it offer remedial courses. Students whose learning difficulties require ongoing services such as long-term individual tutoring, speech therapy, or reading remediation must receive these services from outside sources. Students participating in the Special Needs Program will be required to meet all academic expectations for graduation.

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