Computer Science

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Computer Science

The Computer Science Department offers several courses that prepare students for college work and for technology use in their personal and professional lives. In addition, the department sponsors the Robotics Club as well as the CyberPatriot team that participate in local and national contests. For enrollment in the courses offered by the department, a student must satisfy the requirements listed below.


Computer Applications I
This is a full-year, half-credit course required of all incoming eighth graders not enrolled in Physical Science and freshmen who are not taking Digital Media. The following major topics are introduced: computer hardware and software, operating systems, networks and the Internet, word processing, spreadsheets, digital presentations, programming in SmallBASIC, and Web page creation in HTML. Classes meet every other day.

Computer Applications II
This course is a half-year elective that builds on the Computer Applications I course and gives students advanced techniques for Web page creation. Topics include HTML5, JavaScript, and, as time permits, Flash.

Computer Science
This course is a half-year elective course that concentrates on programming in the Visual Basic language. Students in this course must have completed or be concurrently taking Algebra II. Students should have at least a B average in their high school mathematics courses or a C average in honors math courses. Students who have completed this course may not take Computer Science I Honors.

Computer Science I Honors
This course is a full-year elective for students who have taken the Digital Media course or have completed or are concurrently taking Algebra II. Also required is a B average in each high school math course. Students learn to write advanced programs in the Visual Basic language.

Computer Science II Honors
This course is a full-year elective for students who have completed Computer Science I Honors with at least a B average. The course teaches programming in the Java language and Web programming to prepare students for college computer science courses. Students who do well in the course may take the Computer Science AP exam.

Digital Media
This course is a full-year, half-credit elective for freshmen who excel in math and science. The class is designed to give students an introduction to the department’s upper-level courses, while reinforcing basic computer-usage skills. Students will work on several different individual and team projects related to these topics: 2-D game design and development in Actimator, computer programming and hardware with LEGO MINDSTORMS robots and ROBOTC, and Web page creation using HTML and CSS. Classes meet every other day.

Along with learning these topics, students will apply their knowledge of word processing, multimedia presentations, and spreadsheet creation. The major focus of the class will be to teach students about the different multi media creation processes. Classes will meet every other day. (Class size may be limited.)

Game Programming Foundation I
This course is a half-year, half-credit elective for seniors. The course is a general study of the game development process through the use of the software application Game Maker. Students are encouraged to express their creativity through electronic media. Final projects may be submitted to festivals for public display.


The Computer Science Department consists of two fully-equipped Windows computer labs utilizing solid state drives. The graphics arts computer lab is equipped with dual monitors, Windows 10, and specialized software for animation, video editing, and game development projects.


Mr. Craig Zeller ’02, M.I.S., Department Chair
Brother Neal Golden ’57 CJ, S.C., Ph.D.
Mr. Aaron Paladino, B.G.S.

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