Student Education – Prevention of Abuse & Harassment


Student Education – Prevention of Abuse & Harassment

As a means of insuring that the environment of Brother Martin High School is wholesome and nurturing for young people, we educate all of our students, faculty and parents about the prevention of abuse and harassment. This practice is mandated by the Archdiocese of New Orleans Office of Safe Environment and by our Brother Martin Board of Directors’ policies. Though this school year has had significant disruptions, we feel this issue deserves careful attention. All underclassmen religion classes will focus at least one class period on the topic of prevention of abuse and harassment. In addition, adult training classes are offered to school volunteers throughout the school year.

Several handouts will be distributed including the following:


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Our intent in focusing instructional time on this issue is proactive prevention. We want to better equip our students to protect themselves and their friends from any person or situation that should threaten them. We encourage parents to discuss these issues and the handouts used in our instructional activities with their sons.

Eighth grade students will spend one day in religion classes during the month of November focusing especially on prevention of peer harassment. Emphasis will be placed on aspects of our school behavior policy that address issues of respect and harassment. The handout “Protecting Yourself” that was used with the 9th grade unit (a link to this document is to the right) will also be used in the eighth grade classes.

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All sophomores will go on a field trip some time this year to the Charity Trauma Unit and will participate in their program titled “A Day of Alcohol Awareness”. After all of these field trips are completed in the late spring, sophomores will spend at least one day in their religion classes discussing the field trip in light of the core Catholic value of respecting life. Various respect for life issues may be discussed including abortion, death penalty, peace, and social justice. However, emphasis will also be placed on the timely topics of sophomores respecting life (their own and the lives of others) through responsible driving and avoidance of alcohol and other illegal substances.

Juniors will participate in a “round-robin” discussion activity on their junior retreats in the spring as a way to further their education on the prevention of abuse and harassment. The adult discussion leaders will explore with the groups ways to promote respect for life in regard to dating and sexuality issues.

Seniors will consider the topic of respect for life and prevention of abuse and harassment in class discussions in religion classes in the spring. The focus with the seniors will be on transition to college and independence. They will explore ways that they can more effectively protect themselves and others in the college environment where they will experience less parental direction.

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