Retreat Programs


Retreat Programs

Each year, all Brother Martin students participate in a required on/off campus class retreat sponsored by Campus Ministry.

Below is an example of retreat experiences per grade level:

  • Eighth, freshman, sophomores, and juniors participate in an annual day of reflection.
  • Seniors, divided into groups, experience an off campus, overnight retreat.

2016-2017 Retreat Dates

8th Grade Retreat:             Friday, September 16, 2016- St. Stanislaus, Bay St. Louis, MS

9th Grade Retreat:             Tuesday, October 18, 2016- St. Stanislaus, Bay St. Louis, MS

10th Grade Retreat:           Tuesday, October 18, 2016- Brother Martin High School, New Orleans, LA

11th Grade Retreat:          Friday, April 7, 2017- St. Stanislaus and Our Lady of the Gulf Church, Bay St. Louis, MS 

12th Grade Retreats:         Sunday, September 25, 2016- Monday, September 26, 2016 
                                              Sunday, November 13, 2016- Monday, September 14, 2016
                                              Sunday, December 4, 2016- Monday, December 5, 2016



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