Brother Martin


Brother Martin High School

In September of 1969, celebrating the 100th year of their educational commitment to the youth of the New Orleans area, the Brothers of the Sacred Heart consolidated St. Aloysius and Cor Jesu High Schools under the title of Brother Martin High School.

Brother Martin High School was founded on the principle that in an extraordinary age, students must have teaching of extraordinary caliber. It was designed to meet this challenge with modern facilities, new programs, and an innovative concept of high school organization and scheduling. In selecting the name, the Brothers honored one of their confreres. His contributions to the Brothers and to education are inscribed on the plaque in the lobby of the school: Brother Martin High School honors Brother Martin Hernandez, S.C., a Brother of the Sacred Heart, whose lifetime of dedicated service to the youth of New Orleans is perpetuated by this building.

Among the many honors and awards he received were that of being named to the New Orleans Sports Hall of Fame in 1980 and being selected Loyola Alumnus of the Year and recipient of the Adjutor Hominum Award in 1982. Brother Martin was a founder of the New Orleans Prep League for Catholic, private and public schools. He also held the office of Treasurer for the National Association of Major Superiors of Men and was a member of the Executive Board. Brother Martin was on the Executive Committee of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association as a representative of Catholic, private and public schools of the New Orleans area.

Brother Martin High School is currently engaged in a long-range plan for buildings and programs to support capital and endowment needs through the year 2015.