2017 Summer Enrichment is a Success

IMG_6730Over the last three weeks, incoming 8th grade and 9th grade Crusaders attended our Summer Enrichment Program. During the course of these three weeks, students attended morning academic classes for Math and English. These classes afforded students the opportunity to work with Brother Martin faculty in a classroom setting, focusing on academic skills they will need to achieve academic excellence as they begin their journey at Brother Martin High School. Students also enjoyed daily lunch in the Benson Mall followed by afternoon activities in which they had the opportunity to participate in and learn about the following extracurriculars: academics, baseball, basketball, cross country, football/rugby, lacrosse, soccer, and wrestling.

One of the highlights of each week is the Friday Field Trip. Students are divided into three groups, and each group rotates over the three week period through each field trip: Etiquette Class at the Omni Royal Orleans Rib Room with Chef Tom Wolfe, Canoeing in Cane Bayou with Canoe & Trail Adventure Tours, and a trip to Gulf Islands Waterpark in Gulfport, MS. The Friday Field Trips help students develop camaraderie, lifelong friendships, teamwork, and trust among fellow classmates.

The Final Week offered many unique opportunities for both new and prospective Crusaders. On Monday, students participated in a Service Day with Ozanam Inn in which they became more informed about and aware of homelessness in and around New Orleans. Students also prepared sandwiches and packed toiletry bags to be delivered and handed out to the homeless community of Ozanam Inn. Tuesday was Crusader “Spend-A-Day”, which brought more students — and excitement — to campus. Our Enrichment students had the opportunity to bring prospective students with them to spend the day experiencing life as a Crusader. Over 60 prospects joined our Crusaders, participating in the classroom and in an afternoon of ‘Crazy Olympics’.

Plans for the remainder of the week were changed as Tropical Storm Cindy entered the Gulf of Mexico and brought with her the forecast of tropical storm-force winds and rain. Due to these unforeseen circumstances and out of an abundance of caution for our entire school community, the remainder of the Summer Enrichment Program was canceled. This came as a first for the Brother Martin Summer Enrichment Program and was not the way we wanted to end our newest Crusaders’ first experience on campus.

Friday, August 11 will mark the first day of school for all 8th and 9th grade students. As this day approaches, we are looking forward to more great experiences with the Class of 2021, the Class of 2022, and all of our Crusaders — ‘The Men Who Never Say Die’!


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